Sunday, August 8, 2010

SpiralCast #10

We have finished SpiralCast #10! Direct download (right click, save target as...) or search SpiralCast on iTunes!

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  1. Hey! Great show here, I like how exploratory and informative the show is! I remember my first Wandcast episode, where the word "Thaumaturge" was explained; very cool trivia, no pun intended!

    I'd like to touch on the idea of taking Knuckles out first. That Copycat's defeat is definitely one of the main focuses for that floor, since his Cheat is a strong game-turner (unless Entangle, the Life Dispel, is used), but the Rats will be critical obstacles. I haven't seen if they react to Lifesteal spells, but any physical damage thrown at Knuckles will trigger the Rats' Cheat: replace Tower Shield on Knuckles or Estrakir.

    But we Wizards do have a loophole: Steal Ward (ice) and Pierce (myth). These work on Orrick from Briskbreeze, so I imagine it can be applied to the Warehouse. Since damage isn't done to remove the Ward, killing him off first is more than possible; it just requires a combo of spells (negate the shield, then hit)! Good luck with this idea guys! Woot!